Flip your classroom and more with TedEd videos

Guest post by Shawn Rubin

TedEd is a a new resource from TED talks with a focus on the flipped classroom model. The idea behind TedEd is that teachers can take the best of YouTube or create their own videos then flip them, which means adding titles, directions, questions and links to other resources.

These videos then live on the TedEd website. They each have their own unique URL and can be sent around to the general public for viewing and learning.

The beta version is quite useful for teachers looking to enter the flipped classroom space. Educators should note that there are a few missing features that will hopefully be addressed in the future, but until then, users should note that you don’t have the ability to create or edit the “Quick Quiz” section when you flip your lesson and once you flip your lesson you cannot edit it any further.

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The Innovative Educator hosts keynote student panel at 9 pm EST tonight!

What happens when students are kept prisoners of their teacher's past?

For today’s youth life outside of school is a fast-paced, connected environment where students have the freedom to learn in the spaces and with the tools they love. Once inside school walls however, digital devices and resources are often banned, collaborating is viewed as cheating, tools of engagement are seen as weapons of mass distraction, and students are prohibited from accessing the very sites and resources necessary for real-world success. 

During the Learning 2.0 Live Virtual Event I spoke to a panel of tech savvy students devoted to education reform. We discussed:
  • Problems that result when we restrict students from using technology
  • Some of the flawed logic for doing so, and
  • Solutions to overcome these obstacles  

Listen to the session here.

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Guest post by Jacob Gutnicki 

Remember when education always pioneered
And how the educator was revered

Remember engaging activities and innovation
Multiple Intelligences and helping children were our passion

Remember the inner child
And when the kid smiled

Remember what it was like to be a kid
The games and the friends who we made trouble with; g-d forbid

Remember our children must contend with increased standardized testing
Accountability, College Readiness, and schools we plan on divesting

Remember the help you had when you were younger
And don’t forget to support your child with the help they hunger

Remember you were too proud to ask for help and played it wild
Remember no matter what they will always be your child